What is it?

Each month I will be posting a picture on here of an item. It’s up to you to guess what it is. Some of you clever cloggs will know instantly, others (like me) may need time to work it out or ask around. I will say one thing, I might not always know what it is so I am relying on you to get it right. The winner each month will be drawn from a hat and will recieve a £10 shopping voucher. If no-one gets it right in any one month then it will roll over to the next month for a £15 voucher. If after that, you still can’t get it then I’ll tell you and move on to the next item. Enter your guess in the comment box at the bottom of this page.


This time it is a sort of ‘when was it’ rather than the usual ‘what is it. I took this photograph recently of what looks like a sluice gate to allow flood water to dissipate. It can be found over the fields behind Arksey. It has a year stamped on the main oak beam at the top (persumably the year it was constructed) and I want you to tell me the year. I will give you until the middle of February and then the closest guess wins.

Here is the photo:

OK, here we go with the first item:


Click to enlarge image

Well done to everyone who correctly guessed this item to be a music stand for Brass Bands on the move. It is upside down and the hook sits in a bracket on the instrument. Congratulations to Alex Mckay from Deeply Delicious who has won the £10 WHSmith voucher.


click to enlarge
Well done to Vicky Richards for correctly guessing our September item as a late victorian Ink bottle. She won a £10 Next shopping voucher.


click to enlarge

Well done for all those that guessed this right as being in the churchyard at the white church at the top of Balby road. 

5 responses to “What is it?

  1. so the gates are like sluice gates then and the field is a flood plain

  2. 1929? What’s behind the doors?

  3. 1880? For the gate at top, lucky guess 🙂

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