Behind the scenes this site receives many questions. Sometimes (more often than not), I don’t know that answer and so I ask you to help. Other times I answer the question myself or direct the person to someone who will know. Below is a list of these questions which I will add to as they come.

  • Hi, I have lived in Edlington all my life but have never seen a picture of the old brick yard, now a nature spot. I have asked around family and friends and even in the local library but to no avail. Have you yourself got a picture you could share of indeed do you know of anywhere that may have one. Any more info/pics of Edlington other than this would also be of huge interest. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, S W.
  • Hi Symeon I am currently teaching at Doncaster College, and am wanting to develop a unit on disease in Doncaster / surrounding area. Would you know where I might find records relating to Spanish Flu, Small Pox, Plague, etc. any help much appreciated, P J L.
  • I am interested in trying to find the location of an abandoned manor house/ drs house and I can see on another blog that you have found it. I am a Doncaster girl born and bred and have been looking for a while on and off with no luck! Could you please give me the location or just some clues as to where to look. My site is for wedding photography but I do other types of photography for personal pleasure – I just included it in the hope that you understand I am genuine and not a potential vandal! Many thanks. T.
  • Hi, would you give information about the history of Park Hill Hall on Armthorpe lane, Barnby Dun, as i am researching Doncaster racing. Regards, M.
  • I am currently working on the production of a management plan for Ducker Holt Wood, Marr. This wood ,which consists of native broadleaf trees, was formerly part of the Brodsworth estate, it is, I believe, at least 200 years old, and is clearly shown on the first edition OS map, but not on the Thomas Jefferys map 1772. This may be an ommission due to the scale of the map. Do you have any maps or other information which could help date it origins ? Any assistance would be much appreciated. Anon.
  • Dear Sir or Madam. I am preparing the above book for Amberley Publishing. Please can you tell me if there are any archives or photographs relating to Woodlands which I could see ? What then would be the procedure for obtaining permission to use certain images in my book ? Yours faithfully P C. –  Industrial Model Villages Through Time.
  • I am looking for the history of ‘the coach and horses coaching inn ‘. we think that from 1928-1950 the licensee was our great grandfather John Wilfred Hartshorn and that he also owned the building. Do you know if this is true and what happened after this? Thanks for your help – Anon.
  • I wonder if you can help, please? I am the Hon Sec of an old, little charity, the Society for the Protection of Life from Fire. I am trying to find out more about a fire which occurred in Edlington in 1972, in which three children died. It appears that the Society made an award to one of the people who attempted to rescue the children. The fire was in King Street, Edlington, in Sept or Oct 1972 and I need to discover the exact date of the fire so that I can issue a replacement certificate. Any help you can give would be much appreciated. With thanks in advance. M G – Hon Sec, SPLF.
  • Hello My elderly mother was brought up in Beechfield Road in the 1920s. She’s recently discovered a silver cigarette case which belonged to her father, Arthur Stead, who lived in the Hyde Park area and worked at British Wire Ropes. The case is inscribed: “Presented to A Stead by HPGR Outing Club Xmas 1924” My mum’s trying to work out what HPGR stood for. She assumes that HP is Hyde Park. She thinks tha there may be an angling connection. Can you suggest anything, please? Thank you very much, C.
  • I would like to gather some historical information and if possible photos regarding Tickhill. We have recently bought a grade 2 listed property which apparently has origins as a barn built in the 1600s. It has undergone conversion, renovation and extension however I would really like to get to know the history behind the barn. I have no idea where to start. I have emailed Doncaster archives. They have provided some links but they have no led me very far. Do you have any ideas? I will at some point visit the local library to obtain any information from them. The property is on Northgate DN11 9HY number 84, next to Northgate House. Many thanks. Anon.
  • My grandmother Betsy Baker attended the Bentley Board School in the late 1800s. Have you any information about that school?, Regards F.
  • Through a dementia support group I am trying to ascertain information that will help me develop a platform to help me promote memory loss. I have a starting point in mind but would appreciate your thoughts. I am non-professional – just 77 and trying to help the group.
  • Hi I am a year 3 teacher about to cover a local history topic on Doncaster. Do you know of anyone who may like to come into school to talk about what Doncaster used to be like? We are trying to find out about the doncaster history trail so that we can walk at least part of it with the children. Do you know anything about it? Any more help and advice welcome. A H – Teacher Park Primary School Wheatley.
  • Hi Symeon I read with interest your update on the yards on Frenchgate. Do you have anything on Farrers yard, Frenchgate. I also note there is a photo of the Dockin Hill pub in the photo gallery . I have checked your list but can’t see it mentioned there . The reason I ask is one of my ancestors is listed as a Publican in the 1830’s and lived in Dockin Hill. Thanks, S M.
  • Hi Symeon Seeing as I know you’re a Scawthorpe lad (your mum used to childmind my lads about 20 years ago), I wondered whether you had any information about Amersall village, the predecessor to Scawthorpe? My own research has drawn a complete blank except for the fact(?) that the plague which affected Doncaster in the 1500’s probably originated from a man who was found in Amersall. I also know that Scawthorpe Manor stood approximately where Don Valley Upper School now stands and I’ve discovered a little information about Langthwaite settlement and the moat and bailey at Castle Hills. Anything you know about our area would be most gratefully recieved Regards, J O.
  • Hi I dont know if you can help but i’m doing the family tree and came across a Hanna Fendall of christchurch 1830-1865 who it says was a teacher but cant find any records dealing with history of teachers. i would be greatful for any info or just to point me in the right direction, thanks, C A.
  • WoW! I just loved reading about the history of our family! Last night I was telling our children(5) that we come from Royalty!How exciting they were to know this. The great person who started our family-according to the family tree is RICHARD PLANTAGENET DUKE OF YORK! He was born September 20th 1411 and died December 31st 1460. He married CICILY NEVILLE DUCHESS OF YORK. Would you happen to have any pictures or other life history facts on my great plus great many times Grandfather! I would love to hear back from you to see what if anything, you were able to come up with. Thankyou for you time. W, from Idaho, USA.

Please feel free to comment below if you can shed any further light on the queries, it is never to late to make contact again.


3 responses to “Questions

  1. hi,i am trying to find out which bingo club took over the picture house,doncaster high st in 1967.Also when this building was eventually demolished.thank you

  2. christine armstrong

    Hi I’ve also been trying to trace Hanna Fendall who looked after my great great grandmother mary burk whos mother was eliza curtis niece of hanna fendalls . I do know she is buried in the hyde park cemetery buried by the friends society (quakers) and she came from hastings but unable to find out any thing else.

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