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  1. I was wondering if anyone had any information on the “Wentbridge and Heck Bridge Railway”, as I am currently attempting to find it’s route from “Walden Stubbs” eastwards.

    According to a number of sources, the north-eastern terminus of the line was “Far Fleet Close near Heck Bridge”, however I have found no indication there there ever was a road of that name near that area.

    Nor have I found info of anywhere called “Far Fleet” or similar in the area aside from one reference to a “Farfleet Hall, Howden”.

    Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.

  2. Hi,
    I am a keen photographer of many different subject matters, one of which is GhostSigns ( the faded adverts you see on the side of old buildings ). One in particular caught my eye on Bennethorpe going into Doncaster from the racecourse on the left hand side. I can pick out the words ‘depository’ and ‘& son’ but am keen to find out more. Any ideas.
    Many thanks

  3. Posted on behalf of someone else:
    Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me?
    My grandparents lived and some of their children were born in the Stainforth/Thorne District of Doncaster.
    My grandma died in a place called ‘Edenfield Nursing Home’ in 1940, I think the address was 15 1st Square, Stainforth. Would anyone know anything about the home?
    The family were Catholic and my dad would have gone to school in that area. Would anyone know of a Catholic Primary school in that area?
    My grandad worked in the mines in that area would there be anywhere I might look for information that may help me?
    Many thanks

  4. I am doing a project at High Melton in Doncaster in which I want to merge history with the present. I have a photograph, which can be seen here, http://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205196955
    taken in woodlands, Doncaster. I would like to know if anyone can tell me whereabouts it could be now, looking at the buildings in the background. Does anyone recognise where it could be in Woodlands?

  5. Posted on behalf of Keith Butcher:
    Hi Symeon
    My name his Keith Butcher my website is called !! Byegone Conisbrough Denaby !!.
    I would like to thank you for a fanatic website bit like mine but the lay out towers over my site its a pity were not linked.

    Have you thought what would happen to your website of when you are not capable to Carrying on with the history of Doncaster that have built up over the years I wonder myself what would happen to the history I have built up over the years.
    Kind Regards Keith

  6. gary hartshorn

    my great grandfather used to own coach and horses in scott lane 1928-1950 and was reputed to have a gym in the basement where some of doncaster boxers used to train and where my grandfather, malcolm hartshorn, trained for his b.a.w.l.a record in 1939 and still remains unbeaten today!! can anybody add to this info, be great if you can.

    • Hi Gary, I can!! My dad and Mac (your grandad) were friends and used the C&Hs gym together pre WW2. At my Mum’s house there is a winning certificate of your grandfathers that I would to return to the family we also have some photos!

  7. Hi everyone, I’ve done a history of Thorpe Marsh Power Station as it hasn’t got long left now.

    The article is at http://priorieshistoricalsociety.blogspot.com/2012/03/article-history-of-thorpe-marsh-power.html

    There’s more to add from the 84/85 miners strike, 1999 attempt as a car holding facility and some better detailing for the 2007 floods and should hopefully get this done on Sunday. If anyone has any details of the 1972 fire or 1990 contractors death I’d be most grateful. I’d also like some clarification of Fred Matthews death in 1972 – if anyone can confirm if it was Thorpe Marsh or Keadby and what happened to the lorry driver?

    Symeon – feel free to copy as much as you want on here if you want to.


    Dave Cook

  8. This is the first time I’ve looked at the forum page so I’ve only just read the one wanting pictures of Planet Road. We have an early photo of this among the archives of the Carcroft History Group so if you let me have the email address I can send a copy. Incidentally, my Mum’s family lived on Planet Road in the 1920’s

  9. Posted on Behalf of Frank Worsdale formerly of Rossington:
    One thing I’d like to see on your show sometime, is a bit about the
    Rossington schools: The ‘Woodies’, the mixed infant school (mentioned
    at the start of Intox’ Shorts) which I attended; the school where all
    the kids were presented with George 6th silver spoons in 1937 (I still
    have mine); the school which was burned to the ground in the early
    fifties (I saw the glowing ruins). Across the school yard from the
    Woodies was the ‘Brickies’ infant school – our sworn enemies. From the
    Woodies we boys graduated to the Boy’s Junior school. And at age eleven
    (with a lot of evacuees from Shoreham and places) to the Rossington
    Senior Boys Elementary School (a fine building now converted to a
    community centre). We didn’t learn a lot at these three schools, but we
    enjoyed it.

    When eleven bombs were dumped by the German planes, returning from a
    raid on Sheffield I think, one of the bombs went through the boundary
    wall of the senior girls school (the girls well hidden behind a high
    wall from the boys school). We boys wished the bombs would explode, but
    none of them did, and we watched as the bomb disposal soldiers made them
    all safe in the yard of The Royal pub’ … And then (sadly) the soldiers
    took our bombs away.


    • Hiya Frank could you please give me the name of the school that burned down in the fifties , also you said that you seen the burning ruins, would you also remember a boy and a girl who were killed in the fire, they were illegitimate brother and sister and as such grew up in seperate homes. The boy grew up on Bentley road. Any light you can shed on this would be greatly appreciated.

      Many Thanks

  10. Hi there as a doncasterian im very interested in its local history and may i add this website is exellent. Im very interested in finding out as much information as possible about The Cumberland hotel on thorne road and its past history. I currently work there and from word of mouth it has stories and theories of its origins, but nothing set in stone. Through doing my own studies i have vwry little on its past and the internet has shed no light on it either. Im very fasinated by local history especially as it has some relevance to me now. Does anyone know anything of this wonderful building perhaps?, stories?, old puctures, how did it get its name? Is it inspired by the duke of cumberland as thought? If so how? Did it once start life as a farm building? I have so mant questions id love to find answers to? Is there anyone out there who can help me or point me in the right direction?. Thankyou in advance.

    • In 1895, at an Extraordinary General meeting of Doncaster Golf Club, a decision was made to move from its site at Greenhouses (now the Cumberland Hotel) near the Royal Infirmary to an area of land known as Race Common.

    • 1900 records show that Doncaster Hockey Club, then known as Doncaster Greenhouse Club, played at Greenhouse Farm on Thorne Road – the house is now the Cumberland Hotel

    • One story is the ‘Duke of Cumberland’ name could derive from the Rebellion of 1745 when Charles Edward Stuart invaded England to try and secure the Crown.
      Allegedly this saw a gathering of 6000 English and German troops encamped, in readiness for an invasion of the rebellious Scots, on the stretch of high land, reputed to have been a training ground behind the Greenhouse known as Wheatley Hills!

  11. Mary V. Dearborn

    I was recently in touch with Symeon Waller, whose excellent article on Edward Miller I read on the Doncaster website. I am writing a biography of the American writer Ernest Hemingway. It’s been said that Ernest was descended from Miller; his sister says a full-size portrait of his son, William Edward Miller. (I think she must have this wrong, unless William Miller did something important.) Do any of you know anything about this? Though Ernest Hemingway was not musical, his entire family was, and Grace Hall Hemingway, his mother (and he would be descended through her), gave up an operatic career.
    I’d be very grateful for any help anyone can provide

    • Dr.Edward Miller 1735-1807, married Elizabeth Lee 1745-1773.
      Their eldest son William Edward Miller 1776-1839 married Mary Dunhill 1769-1883.
      One of their daughters, Mary Miller 1798-? Married a Sheffield Cutler, Charles Hall of Sheffield and had a son Edward Miller Hall.
      Charles then emigrated with his family to Chicago where they operated a hardware business.
      Edward Miller Hall met and married Caroline Hancock and in turn had a daughter, Grace Ernestine Hall.
      Grace Ernestine married Charles Edmunds Hemingway a Chicago Physician.
      They were the parents of the writer Ernest Miller Hemingway.

      • Mary V. Dearborn

        Thanks, Bill, for the Hemingway connection to Edward Miller. I also see that William Edward Miller was important as well–enough so that a full-size portrait could have been painted of him.

        • Jeremy Capadose

          Mary, I’m fascinated by your mention of a portrait of William Edward Miller in the possession of Ernest Hemingway’s sister. I am researching my family history (on my maternal grandfather’s side) and there is a connection with the Millers (although at present I haven’t entirely worked it out!). But my reason for contacting you is that I have a rather small photograph of a portrait (which recently came to light among some family papers marked ‘photos of family portraits’) reputedly of William Edward Miller. Could this be the same portrait now in the possession of Hemingway’s sister? Have you ever seen the portrait in question? In fact I, like you, doubt it is of William Edward Miller, but, judging from the dress, style and composition, much more likely to be of his father Dr Edward Miller, the organist, composer and historian, whoes dates are 1735 – 1807. I judge the painting to be circa 1760s-80s and possibly by Cosway or Hoppner.
          Any information on the portrait would be gratefully received.
          By the way, I concur entirely with Bill’s stated connection between Ernest Hemingway and Edward Miller — I could probably provide further details.

          • The original portrait of William Edward Miller is now owned by a Miller family decendent in England. I saw it in her home in August 2004. I have written a paper on the portrait which has never been published. The portrait in America now owned by my cousin, Ernest Hemingway Mainland in Michigan is a copy of the original in England.

            • Jeremy Capadose

              Dear John,
              I’m so excited to see your comment! The image you attach is indeed the very same painting as the one I have a small black & white photograph of! (the photograph was among others in an envelope marked ‘photos of family portraits’ written in my great-grandmother’s hand, (I think?). I would be fascinated to read a copy of your unpulished article if possible. Do you, by any chance, know of the family connection between the Millers and the Bramwells? (The Bramwells were my maternal grandfather’s family & are supposed to be related to the Millers, but I have never managed to established the connection completely). Would it be possible for me to contact the Miller family decendent here in England who now owns the painting? — I would dearly love to see it.
              Could we communicate directly by email please? (jeremy.capadose@live.co.uk), I am not very good at using discussion forums.
              With regards, Jeremy.

              • David Gardiner-Hill

                I have done a lot of research on my Miller and Wass forbears and know the Bramwell connection. My cousin has the WE Miller portrait. And yes WE Miller was a very wealthy chap, an eminent publisher.

                email: David at gardiner-hill dot org

              • David Gardiner-Hill

                William E Miller b1766 married Mary Dunhill b1769 and had many offspring, one of whom Anne Miller b1804 married Joseph Wass b1804 a wealthy Lead Smelter of Lea Green Derbyshire their dau Isabel Wass b 1841 married Dr Thomas L Buzzard (my 3GGF) they had dau Louisa Buzzard b1870 who married George Addison Bramwell b1863 (google gives much on soldier GAB. Their son Max (your Grandad??) was very close chums with my Granny when they were little, I have a lovely photo

      • The son of Mary Dunhill Miller (1806-1897) and Charles Hall (1800-1872) was Ernest Hall (1840-1905). Ernest Hall married Caroline Hancock (1843-1895). Their daughter was Grace Ernestine Hall (1872-1951). She married Clarence Edmonds Hemingway MD (1871-1928) and their first son was Ernest Miller Hemingway (1899-1961).

  12. Hi, the memorial to the Handley Page Hampden Mk.I which crashed at Warmsworth was L4178 flying from RAF 144 Squadron at North Luffenham which crashed next to the railway line at Hexthorpe. John Balfour Gray was Canadian whilst John Arthur Eves and Reginald Alfred Bland were in the RAF Vonunteer Reserve. The other crew member was Harold Edward Aspey. The aircraft ran out of fuel after dropping mines in the Elbe estuary at Kiel.

    Jack Gray was also in the WW2 film ‘Target for Tonight’

  13. “Mingle” will integrate into WordPress and you can (alledgedly) install it in 5 mins :

  14. Symeon, any chance of making this a more “traditional” internet forum with separate topics that may encourage more debate and discussion? There’s plenty of free one’s available. I’d be happy to assist with moderation duties.

    • I don’t mind either way, its you guys that need to get on with it. Would you be able to look into it for me (find a free forum software etc) and we’ll set it up and link to it from this site. Many thanks, Sym.

  15. Has anyone got any pictures of the housing estate that used to be on Planet Road in Adwick? They are for a family tree I am researching. Thanks.

  16. Barrie

    It might be worth calling at the Doncaster Family History Society Research Rooms on King Edwards Road in Balby- we share the building with Doncaster Archives. There are always at least two volunteers on duty who are happy to assist vistors in starting their research. Opening times are 10am- 4pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday and 10am – 2pm on Saturdays. The telephone number is 01302 311930.
    Dave Rollin, Chairman

  17. When I was a child there was a garage in the North Bridge area called Warreners Garage, as far as I can remember it was still there around 1960s. I have know several families called Clayton, my next door neighbour but one, is called Clayton. There was a Chief Constable called Jimmy Clayton who was a friend of my Dad. I would suggest you join Doncaster Family History Society their research room at King Edward Rd Balby is very helpful.

  18. Greetings Folks! I am doing some family research and have reached a bit of a dead end with my Grandfather, Andler Warrener (possibly known as Hanley Warrener in his very early life). I know that he was born in 1869 in Askern to Charlotte Gray. He was adopted shortly after by Samuel Warrener, b. 1834 and Hannah Warrener, nee Clayton, b. 1837. Do any of these names ring a bell with anyone or is there a local facility where I can research who Charlotte Gray was? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • I’m a former Balby lad, left school at 15 and worked for T. Jenkinson & Sons Bentley Rd. as an apprentice Plumber in the late 50’s and early 60’s.. My Dad was also a Plumber at Jenks. At that time many of the old Doncaster buildings were still there before Council bulldozer mania was the order of the day. I worked on many old buildings either in the attics or down in the cellars, even on Church rooves around Doncaster. My late Father was also interested in local history and pointed out information about the old buildings. After a pathetic Secondary Modern education I studied at Donny Tech. and eventually training college to become a Schoolteacher, I’ve now retired but still interested in the history of the old town.

      Regarding Barrie Warriner searching for family info. In 1960, when Cubbitts, built St. Mary’s Bridge, Warriners garage was demolished and was on the site of the present Hayselden’s VW showroom.
      The Ad is taken from the 1938 Doncaster Directory. Could you please pass on the photocopy to Barrie?
      So Barrie, if you see this, you may need to send me your email address again so that I can forward you the the Advert. You can use the contact form on the contact me tab at the top of this page.

      • hi Bill
        I was also an apprentice plumber at Jenks with you and your dad.We all worked on the Good Companions pub It was my first job there.I always remember your dad wrapping his sandwiches with paper before he ate them.I admired him so much as he was a true tradesman not like that cowboy Bill Bostock.I have lived in Canada for the last 26 years any you are the first person Ihave had contact with from my apprentice days.

      • Hi Bill,
        I posted a comment on your last post

  19. Where my mum and granny live on bishopgarth close in Bentley is where the old Yarborough club used to be …and on Kirkby avenue were the new houses are used to be my old junior school …xx

  20. Over the last few years I have witnessed many of the places I used to play as a child being levelled and built on. Places around Bentley and Scawthorpe in particular. It is such a shame, but I suppose it’s called progress. I remember when Westongales Way was a cricket pitch, Moat Croft was a farmers field and Mayfields was a disused quarry where we spent many a happy hour as children. What places can you remember that are no longer with us?

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