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  1. Danum
  2. The Flying Scotsman/Sir Nigel Gresley
  3. Doncaster Airport (aerodrome/parachute club)
  4. The St Leger
  5. Adwick high school (now called the Outwood Academy)
  6. The River Cheswold
  7. Prince Andrew visited in 2011
  8. He was the first Earl of Doncaster. (The current Earl is Richard Walter Montagu Douglas Scott)
  9. The Arndale (centre)
  10. The Battie-wrightsons


  1. York and London
  2. Woodland clearing where ‘bent grass’ grows. (bent grass was used for thatching the roofs of houses)
  3. 1853
  4. AD 1230
  5. 1973
  6. 1836
  7. 1827, the site was previously a sand pit or sand quarry.
  8. 1806. (He was locked up by some friends, for a joke, and his brother the Prince of Wales, who was being entertained at the Mansion House, had to order his release)
  9. She jumped to her death from the 1st floor window. She was aged 29
  10. Herstmonceux Castle, East Sussex.

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