Doncaster History Quiz

OK, it’s time to get your thinking caps on and see just how much you know about the history of Doncaster.

I have compiled two quizzes, a simple one for the less knowledgeable and a more complex one for you local history buffs.

As for the scoring, you will have to mark your own answers by checking them against the correct ones which can be found by clicking the ‘Answers’ link at the bottom of the page. Once you have your mark (which will be out of 10) publish it as a comment on this page.

Good luck and let’s get started with:


  1. What was the Roman name for Doncaster?
  2. Apart from ‘Mallard’, what other famous locomotive was built in Doncaster?
  3. What used to be on the site of the Dome leisure centre immediately before it was built?
  4. What is the name of the oldest classic horse race in the world?
  5. At which Doncaster school did they recently unearth Viking/Saxon burials?
  6. Doncaster is the home of Britain’s shortest river, what is the name of this river?
  7. Who was the last member of the Royal family to visit Doncaster and in which year?
  8. What connection did James Scott, son of King Charles II, have to Doncaster?
  9. What did the Frenchgate centre used to be called?
  10. Which Family built Cusworth Hall?

And now for the more knowledgeable amongst us, here is:


  1. The UK has only three Mansion Houses, Doncaster has one of them but in which cities are the other two to be found?
  2. Beonet Leah was the Domesday entry for the village of Bentley. How does Beonet Leah translate into modern English?
  3. When was the great fire that destroyed St George’s Church, (now Doncaster Minster)?
  4. King Henry III spent the night in Doncaster on his way to York, in which year?
  5. Edith Plumb sadly passed away in January of 2012, but what year was she the Mayor of Doncaster?
  6. In which year was the Doncaster Chronicle newspaper established?
  7. In what year was the foundation stone laid for Christ Church and what was the site used for immediately before that?
  8. In which year did the Duke of Clarence, later to be King William IV, spend time locked away in Doncaster gaol (jail)?
  9. On Friday July 19th, 1822, Mr Bright’s Jewellers shop in High Street, Doncaster, was mysteriously broken into and all the stock was taken. How did his wife handle the terrible news?
  10. Before the demolition of Wheatley Hall, once the seat of the powerful local Cooke family, the fine staircase was taken down and re-erected at another location where it remains to this day, what is that location?

OK, it’s time to mark your answers, click the following picture to see all the correct answers and then return here to submit your score via the comments section below.

12 responses to “Doncaster History Quiz

  1. Vicky Richards

    Hhhhmm if I’m honest 3/10 ??? if I was to say oooo I knew that answer but forgot the name 5/10 .. not very good I’m afraid gonna get some of my family with it ..xx

  2. Roger Luffman

    Pleased to see the point about trains and locomotives made clearly. It is a common and MOST annoying error to every rail worker past and present.
    By the way the name “Flying Scotsman” has been given to an engine GNR 1472, LNER 4472 BR 60103, and a train the Flying Scotsman 10.00 approx (has varied ) between London and Edinburgh.

  3. Easy 9/10, hard 3/10 and actually all new British Citizens who have been to the Mansion House during the last 2 years will know the answer to question H1. Had not heard about the Viking find. Will have to look at that. Must agree with Dave Cook, big slip up, locomotive ups!!

  4. Good quizes However Easy quiz 5 – From the information I have, the burials found at my old school were Anglo-saxon. The Viking burial was on the new industrial estate to the other side of the A1

  5. i have to aree that the locomotive is in fact the engine and the carriages are the trains after googling it but i have to say your point is a bit pedantic it remains therefore that many many trains were built in Doncaster but you say only one locomotive not so sure about that so educate me i would appreciate it

  6. It seems then that you disagree with the Mallard which is named as the Mallard and not named The Mallard being a locomotive is not a train and the Flying Scotsman wasnt bulilt in Doncaster thats interesting i am not quite sure of the point you are making here could you please clarify what you are saying and improve my local knowledge Please

  7. Chris Didcott

    a fair 8 in the first but am no good at remembering dates so only scored a 2 in the second..

  8. Apart from the Mallard, what other famous train was built in Doncaster?
    Danger Transpotter comment 😮 – it’s just ‘Mallard’ and its a locomotive, you will get picked up on that!

  9. A reasonable 7 and a paltry 3 for me. I must be getting out too much 🙂

  10. Symeon – Easy 10/10 Hard 10/10.

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