Did you know?

  • There was a working windmill on the corner of town fields at the junction of Thorne road and Town Moor avenue.
  • St Peter’s Church at Conisborough is officially the oldest church in South Yorkshire and the 10th oldest in England.
  • The old English for Bentley is Beonet-leah which roughly translates, ‘a woodland clearing where bent grass grows’. Bent grass was used for thatching houses.
  • Doncaster’s Edward Miller was good friends with the composer. Handel.
  • Doncaster get a mention by Shakespeare in his play Henry IV
  • ‘Scawsby’ roughly translates ‘Poets Farm’.
  • The Duke of Buccleuch (Britains richest landowner) is also the current Earl of Doncaster.
  • Out of the extremely few (less than 10) Roman shields ever found, one was discovered at Doncaster in 1971 and is called the ‘Danum Shield’.


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9 responses to “Did you know?

  1. patrick bryan

    what the gents tailors be 3 legs and elephant hotel on st sepulhre gate called\a

  2. Have you got a picture of the Baxter Gate fire in 1880? Between the Hanson gunsmiths and the Blue bell pub. Also do you have a picture of the Hanson gun shop before the fire?

  3. Hi any idea where I could find out what buildings on thorne road looked like in there prime I work at 109 throne road and would like to see it when it was a home in its full glory thanks Anne

  4. Michael Healey

    A certain Dr Miller befriended a certain William Herschel whilst an Oboe player for Durham Milita when billeted at Pontefract Castle in 1760. Both lived in Doncaster for some 5 years subsequent while Herschel played in Leeds, Newcastle, Doncaster and Halifax.Eventually Herschel moved to Bath Octogon Chapel in Aug 1766.
    In 1781 Herschel discovered the planet Uranus with his own built reflector telescope.

  5. “Scawsby” means “Poet’s Farm”? Forgive me for being sceptical, but does not the word come from the same viking root as “Scawthorpe”, meaning “a place in the wood”? “Scaw” is too like “skog” in our Modern Norwegian…. and I think you will find you can trace it to there…

  6. The Danum shield was never found only the shield boss a replica of which can be seen in Doncaster Museum.

  7. The foundation of modern digital computing, the system of logical algebra, was formulated by George Boole, whilst teaching in Doncaster, getting his inspiration walking on Town Fields.

    David Hunt

  8. Dr. Edward Miller, Doncaster Parish Church Organist and music composer, built Carr Grange but lived at Church Hill. Miller was also the
    great, great, great, grandfather of Ernest Hemingway, the famous American author.

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