Particulars and Conditions of Sale

Right, here goes. I am starting off with a fairly easy one just to get the ball rolling.

I am going to transcribe the main points of this document and omit the small print. You will get an idea of the size of it from the pictures.


Priory Place Doncaster. Valuable Freehold Residence.

To be sold by auction by Mr Joseph Foster at the Ram Inn in Doncaster in the county of York on Tuesday the 28th day of October instant, at 7 o’clock in the evening. Subject to conditions, a newly erected and most convenient MESSUAGE or DWELLING-HOUSE, at present occupied by Mr Henry Fowler Jenkinson, Surgeon, being number 19 in Priory Place in Doncaster, well adapted for the residence of a Private Family or a Professional Man.

The house contains an excellent dining room, a drawing room, front and back kitchens, a room used as a surgery, a waiting room, six bed rooms and capacious store rooms and wine cellars. There is a small garden behind and the premises have a frontage of 20 feet towards Priory Place and extend in depth nearly 88 feet and possess the advantage of a front and back entrance.

The house was erected by Mr Jenkinson for his own residence and is in every respect substantially built and well finished and fitted up with superior stove cooking apparatus along with every necessary convenience. May be viewed on application to Mr Jenkinson and further particulars known on application to him, to John Rogerson Esq, St. George Gate; the auctioneer, or to Messrs J and J. W. Collinson Solicitors, Doncaster. – Doncaster October 14th 1856.

Particulars and Conditions of Sale.

Of a freehold messuage or dwellinghouse situate at Priory Place in Doncaster in the County of York offered for sale by auction in one lot at the Ram Inn in Doncaster on Tuesday the twenty eighth day of October 1856 as is comprised in…….


All that newly erected messuage tenement or dwellinghouse with the yard garden outbuilding and appurtenances thereto belonging situate in Priory Place in Doncaster aforesaid and now or late in the occupation of Mr Henry Fowler Jenkinson.


That the vendors will commence their title with certain indentures of lease and release hearing date respectively the 24th and 25th days of April 1812 the latter made between Theodore Henry Broadhead and Elizabeth his wife of the first part, Mary Broadhead and Sir John Dashwood King of the second part, Richard Flower of the third part, John Parkinson, Thomas Newstead and Benjamin Turner of the fourth part, William Sheardown of the fifth part and John Cartwright of the sixth part and will deliver an abstract of such deed to the purchaser, but as the vendors have only a covenant to produce such deed they are not to be called upon to produce the same or any other deeds for which they have only a covenant for production to the purchaser for purpose of examination with the abstract or otherwise, but the purchaser must examine the same at the residence of the covenantor for production or at the place of deposit of such deeds at his own expense.


…that at the public sale of the hereditaments comprised in the foregoing particular, I, Richard Ecroyd Clark of Doncaster, Grocer having bid the sum of Six Hundred and Eighty Pounds for the same, was declared the highest bidder and the purchaser thereof. And I hereby agree with John William Howden Collinson as agent for the vendors thereof, to pay the said purchase money and to carry my said purchase into execution according to the conditions above contained, so far as the same are applicable to me as purchaser as aforesaid and I the said John William Howden? Collinson as such, the agent, do hereby declare the said Richard Ecroyd Clark to be such purchaser of the said hereditaments accordingly, and agree with him to perform the conditions above contained so far as the same are applicable to the vendors thereof.

Dated this twenty eighth day of October, One thousand eight hundred and fifty six.

  • Purchase Money 680 – 0 – 0
  • Deposit Money 60 – 0 – 0
  • Remainder Unpaid 612 – 0 – 0


  • R J Littlewood
  • Richard E Clark
  • J W Collinson – agent for the vendors.

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