19 Priory Place

Recently, here at Doncaster History Towers, I recieved a donation of old deeds,

Lady in hat converses with man outside 19 Priory Place.

inventories and mortgages all relating to one property, namely number 19 Priory Place in Doncaster. They date from the early 1800’s through to the early 1900’s although they make reference to people and dates from before this era.

They are hand written on vellum with wax seals and historic stamps. Some of them measure 60cm x 50cm (approx’) and so are quite large and not very portable. They contain some rather interesting facts and figures along with a host of local names from the time.

Over the next few months I will be transcribing the content of these documents and posting it on this page along with images of each one. I haven’t made up my mind what will happen to them after that so I have decided to leave that part up to you.

Since this article was written the actual owner of the building has been traced. As they are a respectable member of the community and are also quite passionate about preserving the history and heritage of Doncaster, I have passed on the deeds to them. I hope everyone is ok with this, – Symeon.