AD 60 – 1938

  Doncaster. A brief history in a timeline.  
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60 Roman fort at Rossington Bridge.50-60AD to hold half a legion. 3000 Roman
71 Roman fort at Burghwallis Roman
71 Roman fort at Danum. Half the size of Rossington Roman
87 Fort at Danum rebuilt Roman
120 Fort at Danum rebuilt Roman
160 Fort at Danum rebuilt Roman
390 Fort at Danum continued until about 390AD Roman
1204 Frost from January to March Weather
1215 King John ordered town fortification with ditches, bars or gates Buildings
1250 St Mary Magdalene 13th cent remodelling Church
1277 Windmill in Tickhill Mills
1305 Friars Lodge built in Marsh Gate. Removed 1843 Buildings
1346 Carmelite White Friary. Earliest documentary reference Church
1350 Grammar school in Doncaster first mentioned Schools
1390 St Mary Magdalene northern aisle rebuilt Church
1399 Henry Bolingbrooke. Henry IV. Oath in Doncaster King
1517 Plague in Doncaster Death
1536 Pilgrimage of Grace ends at Scawsby Lees Events
1536 Aske rebellion encamped at Scawsby-Leys Battle
1538 Grey Friars. Friary dissolved Church
1539 Carmelite Prior & six friars surrendered the friary Church
1546 Leyland –  all house are built of timber with slated (stone) roofs Buildings
1546 The house of the White Friars is now defaced. Leyland Buildings
1546 Leyland mentions a chapel and a stone gate on St Mary’s bridge Church
1547 Carmelite Prior executed at Tyburn People
1548 St Mary Magdalene sold to Thomas Reve by Crown Church
1551 Plague in Doncaster Death
1552 St Mary Magdalene sold to Ralph Boseville Church
1556 St Mary Magdalene resold to Corporation. Made into the Guild Hall Church
1575 St Mary Magdalene. Part converted into a grammar school Church
1582 A great plague 908 die in Doncaster. 1/3 of population Death
1586 Licence granted to build water mills Mills
1600 Timber for repair of water mill. Mills
1602 Plague in Doncaster Death
1603 James I stayed at Doncaster from Scotland on his way to be crowned King
1604 Carr House built by Hugh Childers Buildings
1608 Windmill at Bessacarr Mills
1614 Tuesday market revived Buildings
1614 Gallows taken down. Death
1614 Doncaster Charter renewed. Mayor & 24 burgesses Events
1614 Water mill rebuilt Mills
1614 Friars bridge rebuilt Bridges
1614 A great snow. Friars bridge broken by flood and rebuilt Weather
1625 A great plague.  Doncaster Death
1631 Plague in Doncaster Death
1631 Rossington bridge built Bridges
1631 Charles I lodged in Doncaster King
1634 May pole in the market place taken down and a cross erected Crosses
1634 A great snow Weather
1643 Doncaster passed to Royalist Battle
1644  Charles I attended divine service in Doncaster King
1645 Plague in Doncaster Death
1645 Doncaster passed to Roundheads after Marston Moor Battle
1645 Charles came to Doncaster with 3000 foot People
1646 Marsh Gate flood Weather
1647 Col Rainsborough (Roundhead) killed by  Royalist soldiers Battle
1655 Every person has to grind corn at the public mills only Mills
1660 Arksey almes houses built by Sir Brian Cooke Buildings
1660 Plague in Doncaster Death
1661 Mill Bridge washed away by flood Bridges
1663 Doncaster Charter renewed Events
1666 Plague in Doncaster Death
1670 Population Doncaster 2000 approx Population
1678 Dials fixed on the Hall Cross Crosses
1679 Cross in Market Place erected Crosses
1679 Ote di Tilli cross rebuilt at top of Hallgate Crosses
1680 Butchers Cross built new Crosses
1683 A severe frost for 3 months Weather
1684 Riot by Sir John Reresby’s soldiers Events
1685 Doncaster Charter renewed Events
1686 Wheatley Hall built by Sir Henry Cooke Buildings
1691 Two corn mills be rebuilt at a cost of £100 Mills
1694 Rainy autumn poor crops Weather
1699 Water engine built and pipes laid in the streets Water
1702 Dials placed on the Butter cross Crosses
1703 Windmill from Bessacarr be built on old windmill hill at Balby Mills
1703 Water wheel built on Cheswold Water
1703 Well in Hallgate Water
1703 Floods Weather
1704 Unitarian Chapel built. Church
1706 Corporation to take care of mills & salmon hecks Mills
1707 Windmill corn mill & salmon hecks let Mills
1713 Pump in Market Place instead of well Water
1721 New mill stones Mills
1725 Butchers Cross taken down Crosses
1726 Dun Navigation from Doncaster toTinsley.  1726/27. 1819 to Sheffield Transport
1727 Lock & cut made at Mill Bridge Water
1729 A lock built at Sandall Water
1731 Teacher £30 salary Schools
1732 A lock built at Barnby Dun Water
1740 Friars bridge over the river Cheswold replaced Bridges
1740 Severe frost. Weather
1744 Mansion House. Built by James Paine Buildings
1744 6000 English & Hessians camped upon Wheatley Hills Battle
1745 Great number of Wades army sick and the town is unable to cope Battle
1749 Mill bridge. The roof over the gateway pulled down Bridges
1750 Don overflowed Weather
1752 The road between Mill bridge & Friars bridge raised above flood level Bridges
1755 Riot at election in Doncaster Events
1756 The New Shambles and Butter Cross built. Crosses
1756 Butchers Shambles Butter Cross built in the Market Place Buildings
1764 Cantley parsonage is built of mud & thatch Buildings
1764 Population Doncaster 3300 approx Population
1764 Potteric Carr and other lands. Scheme for drainage Water
1772 Market cross demolished Crosses
1773 Old water mills taken down and rebuilt Mills
1774 Corn Mill let to Don Navigation Mills
1775 Theatre built by Wm Lindley Buildings
1776 Doncaster to Bawtry Turnpike Act Transport
1777 Race Course new and new stand erected Buildings
1777 Race Course.  All work to be stopped except stand until 1779 Buildings
1779 New gaol in St Sepulchre Gate/West Laith Gate. Dem 1829 Buildings
1782 Mill bridge. Rebuilt Bridges
1787 Friars bridge widened Bridges
1787 Edmund Cartwright set up a manufactory of calicoes etc People
1792 Earthquake in Doncaster Weather
1793 Otto de Tilli’s cross taken down erected at Hall Cross Crosses
1793 Dispensary, French Gate. Built by William Lindley. Closed 1867. Dem 1969 Buildings
1793 Reservoir built at top of Hallgate. Regent Sq Water
1799 Quakers bought land in Laithe-Gate (West) for a new meeting house Church
1799 School of Industry opened for girls Schools
1800 Mansion House. Raised in height Buildings
1801 Population Doncaster 5697 Population
1801 Hurricane. Many houses unroofed. Barns & chimnies down Weather
1803 Regiment of volunteers raised Battle
1803 53rd Foot at Doncaster Battle
1804 Methodist chapel in Spring Gadens built Church
1804 Independent Dissenters Chapel built in Hallgate Buildings
1805 Elmfied House built for Sarah Childers Buildings
1806 8th Foot at Doncaster Battle
1811 Population Doncaster 6935 Population
1812 Cantley Vicarage rebuilt Buildings
1815 Stage coach.  London to Doncaster best time 18 hrs Transport
1816 National School. Marshgate Schools
1816 St Georges National School. West Laith Gate Schools
1817 Corporation water mills burnt down Mills
1818 Water corn mills burnt down & rebuilt Mills
1819 Library & newsroom erected. High Street/ St Sepulchre Gate Buildings
1821 Population Doncaster 8544 Population
1826 Doncaster Gas Company established Buildings
1826 Subscription Rooms built Buildings
1827 Christ Church foundation stone laid. Finished 1829 Church
1829 Foundation stone laid for a new gaol. Cost £3000 Buildings
1829 Deaf School founded Schools
1831 Elephant Inn in High St demolished Buildings
1831 Population Doncaster 10030 Population
1832 Cholera Death
1832 Wesleyan Chapel built. Replaced small Bethel chapel in Lower Fisher Gate Church
1833 St Peters RC school Princes St Schools
1833 St Peters RC church built Church
1835 British School built (founded 1832). Wood Street. Dem circa 1995 Schools
1836 First police force in Doncaster Events
1836 Christ Church spire struck by lightening Church
1837 Union Workhouse opened (Hexthorpe bridge) Closed 1901 Buildings
1841 Population Doncaster 10455 Population
1843 Friars bridge New one over canal built Bridges
1843 New Cut (River) built Transport
1845 Cantley windmill converted to steam Mills
1846 London to Doncaster Railway Act passed Transport
1847 Grammar school built in St Georges Gate Schools
1847 St Johns National School Schools
1848 Guildhall opened (dem 1969) on site of Old Angel Buildings
1849 First Doncaster station built (Wooden). Rebuilt 1865 Transport
1850 Christ Church spire damaged in gales Church
1851 Population Doncaster 12052 Population
1851 Queen Victoria stayed at Angel (& Royal) on way to Balmoral by train People
1852 Christ Church National Schools Schools
1852 Railway. London to Doncaster completed by 1852 Transport
1853 St James’s Hospital opened. Dem 1963 Buildings
1853 Railway Plant works built. Also 300 cottages & hospital Transport
1853 St Georges burnt down Church
1854 GNR Schools 1854. St James burnt down 1895 Schools
1854 Grammar school closes Schools
1856 Doncaster cemetery opened Death
1857 Sedan chair last seen used by Mrs Leonard Childers of South Belmont Transport
1857 Dickens visited Doncaster People
1858 St Georges rebuilt Church
1859 Another threat of war and volunteers raised Battle
1860 Ragged school. New building in Factory Lane Schools
1860 Volunteers join others to form 8th WR Volunteers. Became 5th KOYLI Battle
1861 Population Doncaster 16406 Population
1862 Public baths built Buildings
1866 Cholera 30 deaths.  Doncaster Death
1867 Infirmary & Dispensary built in Wood Street. Dem 1994 Buildings
1867 Marshgate School Schools
1868 St Georges National School Schools
1869 Grammar School new building Thorne Road opened Schools
1871 Thorne Road windmill demolished Mills
1871 Population Doncaster 18768 Population
1871 Oxford Place Wesleyan Schools Schools
1873 Corn Exchange opened Buildings
1873 St Peters RC. New school at Portland Place Schools
1873 First reservoir at Hooton Roberts/Thrybergh Water
1881 Population Doncaster 21139 Population
1885 Hexthorpe mixed school. Shadyside Schools
1885 Mixed school. Balby Road Schools
1885 St Marys Church. Beckett Road Church
1886 Great flood Weather
1888 Holmes National School. Chapel St. Dockin Hill Schools
1889 Free library built St Georges Gate. Dem 1970 Buildings
1891 Population Doncaster 25933 Population
1892 Presbyterian Church opened. Waterdale/Wood St Church
1893 Co-op. John St/ Cleveland St opened Buildings
1894 Parkins. Market Pl built on site of The Crown (dated 1604) Buildings
1894 Yorkshire Penny opening on High Street Buildings
1894 Baptist’s chapel in Chequer Road opened Church
1894 St Judes, Hexthorpe completed June 1894. Cost £4,320 Church
1895 Hyde Park school Schools
1895 Floods Weather
1897 Co-op opened in Station Road Buildings
1897 Turkish Baths and shops opened. Station Road Buildings
1897 New GNR school Schools
1897 Wheatley Board School. Schools
1899 Grand Theatre opened. Builder H. Arnold & Son Buildings
1899 Hexthorpe Junior school. Schools
1900 Population Doncaster 28708 Population
1900 Christ Church spire taken down early 20th cent Church
1901 Population Doncaster 28932 Population
1901 Victoria Infants. Littlemoor Lane Schools
1902 Doncaster Trams (First) Transport
1905 New Junction canal linking Dun Navigation and Aire & Calder Transport
1907 Wheatley. Beckett Road/Morley Road Schools
1908 Cantley windmill sails blown off Mills
1909 Ram Inn pulled down & Danum Hotel built Buildings
1909 First English Aviation show held in Doncaster Transport
1910 St Peters RC. New school at Lord Street Schools
1911 Population Doncaster 30516 Population
1911 High School for Girls. New building in Waterdale Schools
1911 E.W.Jackson. 1911-1914 built Cheswold car. 80-150 examples incl. ambulance Transport
1913 Oswin Avenue school dem circa 1995 Schools
1914 Picture House High st opened Buildings
1915 Technical College. Church View Schools
1920 Becketts Bank High St pull down early 1920s Buildings
1927 Cantley windmill ceased operations Mills
1928 Trams replaced 1928-1935 Transport
1938 Wheatley Hall pulled down Buildings
1938 Christ Church. A new spire Church