Sutton Common

Archaeologists Return to Sutton Common (near Askern)

About a decade since they last excavated at Sutton Common the archaeologists from Hull University led by Dr Malcolm Lillie (Dept. Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences) are planning to return to the site during August 2013. The plan is to undertake some exploratory work in areas away from the scheduled monument which was the target of the large-scale excavations undertaken previously. The team of archaeologists also plan to assess the potential for the preservation of any evidence that might relate to activity in earlier periods, or possibly to look for any evidence for settlement that might have been happening at around the time that the enclosures were in use during the Iron Age. As with previous visits we are happy to welcome anyone who is interested to pop along to visit us during the excavations and we will be more than happy to chat about our work. We will be on-site between the 5th and 16th of August, and will endeavour to be on site over the weekend of the 10th and 11th should people prefer a weekend visit.

Sutton Common is owned and managed by the Carstairs Countryside Trust who are fully supportive of the proposed excavations at the site this August. The site is situated off the A19, and access is via a track on the side of the road opposite Askern Welfare cricket ground and about 500 metres beyond Furniture World. We would ask visitors to exercise caution when entering the site from the A19 as this stretch of road is quite fast and it can also get quite busy at times.

This information was kindly supplied by Mr. Howard Connell, Mayor of Askern, who is actively involved with the project and to whom most of the images in the gallery below belong to. There is also a Web Diary which will be updated often throughout the excavations for you to check the progress. You can visit the diary by clicking here.

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2 responses to “Sutton Common

  1. anyone have the exact location, would like to go and see this

    • just as you are about to hit Askern on the A19 from Bentley, on the left before the cricket ground there is a small single track lane that leads to Sutton. Dead opposite this lane on the opposite side of the A19 there is a dirt track with an iron bar across it. You go up that lane. If you have a look on google earth you can see the earthwork.

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